New Followers!

I reached ten followers! 

I know it’s not a lot, but I just started actually blogging the other day, and now I’m here!

Just think of it - 

You’re breathing the same air of these guys because we all live on Earth. 
The same air. 

Just think of it - 

You’re breathing the same air of these guys because we all live on Earth. 

The same air. 











I can’t scroll past this without feeling guilty.

You better smile when you see this Vanessa. I know you’ll see it.

Thanks Hannah, but it is you that is beautiful, love.

Lying whore, I was just trying to compliment you.

i hate my best friend. 

i don’t, mines awesome

Keaton, you better look at this post. <3

lol my best friend is a weirdo :/

My girlfriend is my best friend <3

my girlfriend is my best friend too :3

i am my best friend <3

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I Hate It When…

My parents complain about our dogs. Nobody pressured you into getting the dogs; you got them yourself. Suck it up. We aren’t as thrilled about them either. 

I only hate one person, and one person only.

There were some rumors going around school started by this girl. Let’s call her…Susie. These rumors were about my friends. When I found out, I was pissed. 

I mean, I don’t care what she says about me, but when she says stuff about my friends, that bitch gonna die. 

I was texting my friend about it, who told Susie everything. But there’s one thing-everything in a wrong sense. The entire message was misunderstood, and she thought I made up a lie about her. 

So Susie has the guts to message me this really rude message on Facebook. I cleared up the message, but she began to go onto another topic that two of my old friends hated me, and that i’m a freak, and so on. 

Basically Susie was attacking me with messages, while the entire time I was defending myself. I finally said two swear words, TWO, and I get a message like this: “This is her mother. You are a very different girl from the one I met at the party. Your language is uncalled for. I’m going to go to work tomorrow, and have a meeting with the Dean. Have a nice night.” 


So you’re going to report me for doing…nothing? I should be reporting her for bullying! The school can’t do anything, anyways. But I mean, is this girl mental or something? 

Anyways, she continued to bully the living shit out of me. Now, she’s trying to get all of my friends to hate me. Again, IS SHE MENTAL!?! 

I just don’t know. She’s been threatening me, and I really just wanna smack her, but I won’t. The other day she came up to me a yelled “BITCH!” in my face. 

And her mother says my language is uncalled for, when in the meantime her daughter is yelling swear words at me, and texting them to me? 

Maybe the mentalness runs through the family. 

Okay, no maybe. 

Just yes. 

I think I would die if I met Dan. Just. Die. 

But of course he must live in England. 

Of course. 

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I woke up


I woke up

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